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Topics covered include

  • What pitfalls and challenges need to be considered (e.g. data management policies, legacy environments, system-to-system integration and reliability, testing)?
  • What architecture considerations, infrastructure and supporting common process are required?
  • Benefits and challenges with implementation of process standards
  • What have we learned from our implementation efforts to-date: commercial and governmental?
  • How to monitor and evaluate the benefits of eHealth solutions?
  • Examining how patients and care providers' lives can be transformed by the eHealth solutions
  • Privacy legislation updates on current implementation achievements and challenges
  • Security services what are the identity management requirements?
  • Professional Confidentiality and Trust what ethical and legal obligations must be considered?
  • Motivation, incentive and alignment - connections between the will and the way, exploration of the core elements needed to encourage sustainable change as new systems are introduced and grounded in the practice environment
  • Getting stakeholders involved in planning and development and sharing the benefits as new technologies are realized

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